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The Competition (2018)

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Harvey Lowry,

Star Wars: Generations (2016)

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A young boy and his Grandfather use their imagination to take us back to a galaxy far, far away.

Icarus (2016)

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When a Mars colony's comm satellite is damaged, Emilia Riley embarks on a seemingly harmless repair excursion. A shuttle malfunction cuts connectivity to the ground and Chris, her son, makes the knee jerk decision to go after her.

Open Marriage (2017)

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2 millennial couples decide to try swinging. Things don't go as planned afterwards as guilt, lies and unexplained events threaten to ruin relationships and plans.

Downrange (2017)

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Stranded at the side of the road after a tire blowout, a group of friends become targets for an enigmatic sniper.

Oceans Rising (2017)

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A scientist builds a massive ark after his warnings of an Earth-destroying flood are ignored. But when it's evident the disaster will occur...

The Fast and the Fierce (2017)

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When terrorists plant a bomb on a commercial flight, the passengers aboard the plane must fight to keep the plane in the air and all the passengers alive: the bomb is rigged to detonate whenever the plane dips below 800 feet.