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Cerca de tu casa (2016)

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After losing their home because they can not afford it, a young married couple with a daughter of 10 years, but that housing will also be threatened by the seizure of the bank.

Reparation (2016)

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A troubled Air Force veteran finds clues to his buried memories in his daughter's art, while confronted...

Eine Geschichte von Liebe und Finsternis (2016)

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The story of Amos Oz's youth, set against the backdrop of the end of the British Mandate for Palestine and the early years of the State of Israel. The film details the young man's relationship with his mother and his beginnings as a writer, while looking at what happens when the stories we tell become the stories we live.

Love Always, Santa (2016)

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A widow's daughter writes to Santa Claus, asking for her mother to find love again. When a struggling writer receives the letter, he finds new inspiration and the beginnings of a romance.

Married by Christmas (2016)

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A high level executive must find herself a husband before Christmas in order to inherit a fortune.

Rising Fear (2016)

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When terrorists take our nation hostage, a rogue marine sets out to stop them.

Blaue Magie - Wasser im Südwesten (2017)

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Zakir Khan Live (2017)

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Zakir Khan,

The 89th Annual Academy Awards (2017)

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Dare to Be Wild (2016)

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Irishwoman Mary Reynold's journey from rank outsider to winner of a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Returned (2015)

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Benjamin Lathan's flight disappeared, twelve years later he returns. With the help of a mysterious beauty, he finds himself on an unlikely journey.

Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back (2016)

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A fly-on-the-wall mockumentary following the day-to-day reality of being Nigel Farage. How does a man forever in the spotlight fill his days now he has nothing to do?

Confessions (2016)

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Ten gay men confess their secrets in the collection of short pieces, some funny, some shocking, some horrifying, all riveting.

Intrusion (2015)

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Holly Jensen leads an overly dramatic life. After friend Kali talks Holly into a harmless game, things become deadly.

Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen (2016)

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In the spring of his second year of high school, Koyomi Araragi met the beautiful vampire Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade...

A Firehouse Christmas (2016)

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Firefighter Jenny falls in love with local star Tom but his ex-wife and celebrity figure skating Mary...

The Drug Trial: Emergency at the Hospital (2017)

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Docu-drama telling the story of one of the most infamous incidents in recent British medical history. On 13th March 2006, 8 healthy young men took part in a clinical trial for a leukaemia drug that went very wrong.

Unsere Wildnis (2016)

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Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud return to the lush green forests, when the ice retreated, and the cycle of seasons was established. SEASONS is the awe-inspiring tale of the long shared history that binds humankind and nature.

Kahaani 2 (2016)

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A mysterious woman is charged with kidnapping and murder.

Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark (2017)

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Bogan (2017)

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Who is Bogan? That is the question that drives this movie about things not being as they seem.

Adhe Kangal (2017)

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What begins as a love triangle morphs into a thriller, following an accident - and an abduction.

People You May Know (2016)

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'People You May Know' tells the story of four friends in their 40s in Los Angeles. All them will have to confront a new reality one Delia gets pregnant from Joe, his bestfriend who happens to be gay.

The Hard Stop (2016)

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The police killing of Mark Duggan in London, 2011, ignited the worst civil unrest in recent British history and made headlines around the globe.